The Bus StopBack to school time is almost here! Some children will be going back for another year and some will be starting for the first time. Either way, the first day of school often brings up feelings of anxiety for young children. These picture books, and many others, will help children get ready for school with excitement!

The Bus Stop written and illustrated by Janet Morgan Stoeke
This book will bring comfort and reassurance to children who ride the bus to school, especially if it is for the first time. Each child in the story gets ready to ride the bus in his or her own unique way, whether it’s by picking an apple for the teacher, getting a backpack ready for school, or carrying a library book. The childrens’ parents bring them to the bus stop, help see them off, and are there to pick them up when the bus returns. The simple rhyming text and bold illustrations make this a hit with the youngest of bus riders!


Froggy Goes to School written by Jonathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan Lond and Frank Remkiewicz

Here is another great book in the Froggy series. Froggy’s first day of school is coming up and he has the jitters. He dreams that he almost misses the bus and shows up to school in his underwear! But when the first day of school comes, Charlie is ready, leapfrogging with his mother and father all the way to the bus stop. Things don’t go perfectly at school: Froggy reads his name tag too loud, he has trouble paying attention and falls out of his chair. But then he shows his whole class how he learned to swim over the summer. They join along in the movements– even the principal, Mr. Mugwort! After school, Froggy meets his parents at the bus stop and he tells them his first day was great. When Froggy’s mother realizes he left his lunch box and baseball cap at school she says, “Will you ever learn?” “That’s why I’m going to school!” Froggy tells her. This is a fun read-aloud, and children will enjoy imitating and acting out the sounds in the story, including “flop flop flop,” “zip! zoop! zup!” and when the characters yell, “Frrrrooooggyy!” Froggy is a loveable character, and the cheerful illustrations will also appeal to children.


I Am Too Absolutely Small for School written and illustrated by Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola’s parents think Lola is “nearly almost big enough to go to school,” but Lola insists that she is still “really quite small.” She comes up with numerous reasons why she can’t go to school but her older brother Charlie explains why going to school is important. Eventually Charlie convinces Lola to go to school by telling her that her imaginary friend, Soren Lorensen, is also starting school and needs Lola’s support. In the end, Lola has a good first day of school, and tells Charlie “It was Soren Lorensen who was nervous, not me.” Fans of the Charlie and Lola books will especially appreciate this sweet story of sibling support.


Llama Llama Misses Mama written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney

 Llama Llama Misses Mama

This back to school book is part of the popular Llama Llama series. Llama Llama and his Mama are excited about Llama Llama’s first day of preschool. Together, they meet the new teacher, the other students, and see all the new books and toys. When Mama leaves, Llama Llama misses her and feels sad. He is upset and alone for the rest of the morning, but in the afternoon, he starts to make friends and realizes preschool is fun. When Mama comes to pick him up, he is happy to see her but now he loves school, too!


Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten written by Joseph Slate and illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

Another book in the Miss Bindergarten series, this books shows Miss Bindergarten, a friendly anthropomorphic Kindergarten teacher (she’s a dog) getting ready for the first day of school. At the same time, her twenty-six students, presented alphabetically, are also getting ready for their first day. There is much to do in the classroom before the students arrive, but when they do, the room is colorfully decorated and ready for learning. The tone of both the text and the illustrations is upbeat, and will inspire excitement about beginning the school year. Children are also presented with a different perspective as they see that teachers also nervously prepare for the first day of school.


Here are some other back to school favorites you might enjoy:

  • Back to School Tortoise written by Lucy M. George and illustrated by Merel Eyckerman
  • The Berenstain Bears Go to School written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Clifford’s First Day of School written and illustrated by Norman Bridwell
  • David Goes to School written and illustrated by David Shannon
  • Dino Pets Go to School written by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Gideon Kendall
  • First Day Jitters written by Julie Danneberg and illustrated by Judy Love
  • First Grade Here I Come! written and illustrated by Nancy L. Carlson
  • How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague
  • If You Take a Mouse to School written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond

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