and then it's springRain, sun, gardens, mud, birds, bunnies, and flowers: what do all these things have in common? Spring! Here are some great picture books that celebrate this lively season.

and then it’s spring written by Julie Fogliano & illustrated by Erin E. Stead

In late winter, a boy and his dog plant a garden. They wait and wait for their garden to grow, while the earth remains brown. Finally, a hint of green pokes its way up from the ground. Spring has come! This is a great book for teaching the rewards of patience and growing a garden.

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Bear Wants More written by Karma Wilson & illustrated by Jane Chapman
Bear wakes up from hibernation and all he wants to do is eat. His animal friends keep bringing him food, but “Bear wants more”! Bear’s friends plan a party for him in his lair, but because he has grown so much from eating, he gets stuck in the doorway. His friends help pry him loose and he eats even more. Afterwards, Bear falls asleep. Now he is full, but “his friends want more!”

Forever Friends written & illustrated by Carin Berger
A bunny and bird meet in the forest one spring and play through the summer and fall. When winter comes, bird has to fly south. The seasons pass, while the bunny waits patiently for the bird’s return. Finally, spring comes and the two friends are reunited. Each season is clearly depicted through a unique and delightful use of color. Children will enjoy this sweet story about the value of lasting friendship, and will learn a little about bird migration.

Mouse’s First Spring written by Lauren Thompson & illustrated by Buket Erdogan
A mouse and his momma go for a walk on windy spring day. Mouse discovers a butterfly, bird, snail, worm, frog and flower for the first time, while his mother identifies each one for him. When a gust of wind blows through, Mouse is lifted into the air, but lands safely and happily in his mother’s arms. The rhythmic text and charming story line make this a fun read-aloud.

My Garden written & illustrated by Kevin Henkes
As a young girl helps her mother in the garden, she imagines a different kind of garden. Her garden would be filled with chocolate rabbits, a jelly bean bush, seashells, and flowers that always bloom. Henkes illustrations evoke a cheerful springtime feeling, and inspire children to imagine a creative garden of their own.

Mud written by Mary Lyn Ray & illustrated by Lauren Stringer
What’s spring without a book about mud! This book is an ode to the end of winter, when mud suddenly appears in abundance. The children in the book enjoy getting their books stuck in mud, playing in mud puddles, exploring the new world of mud in the spring air. Children living in “muddy” areas will especially appreciate this fun, playful book.

Riki’s Birdhouse written & illustrated by Monica Wellington
A boy named Riki loves the birds in his yard and decides to build them a birdhouse. When spring arrives, bluebirds discover the nest, and soon baby birds are born. Riki watches, feeds, and learns about the birds through the seasons. Wellington’s simple text and bright, friendly illustrations make this book a hit with preschoolers.

Other Books to celebrate Spring:

  • How Robin Saved Spring written by Debbie Ouellet & illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli
  • In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb written by Marion Dane Bauer & illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
  • It’s Spring written by Linda Glasser & illustrated by Susan Swan
  • Little White Rabbit written & illustrated by Kevin Henkes
  • Splish, Splash, Spring written by Jan Carr & illustrated by Dorothy Donohue
  • Spring is Here written & illustrated by Will Hillenbrand


Until next time, Happy Reading!


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