Summertime Editorial: The Dirt Diary

| August 1, 2014

Hi everyone! I have a new post to share with you today. It is about a great book called The Dirt Diary. It was written by Anna Staniszewski. The same Anna who wrote the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series. By the way I have met her multiple times and she is very nice. So […]

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Picture Book of the Week: Señorita Gordita

| August 2, 2013

If there’s one thing this world needs, it’s more children’s books about anthropomorphic food (who’s with me?)! And if it’s Mexican food, all the better. In Señorita Gordita, Helen Ketteman tells the story of a freshly cooked gordita who attempts to outrun a variety desert creatures, but she’s also sneakily teaching us Spanish all the […]

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Shelf Lookout: Sticky, Sticky, Stuck!

| April 2, 2013

Annie apparently get stuck to everything. She also craves attention from the rest of her family. Put those two together and you’ll end up with a picture book full of a whole bunch of messy people. As this book is yet to be released, I haven’t read it, but I look forward to being entertained by […]

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Shelf Lookout: Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex

| February 18, 2013

Look out! Here comes know-it-all dinosaur expert named Ruth Ann Mackenzie! She thinks she knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. Until … she meets Linus, who happens to be vegetarian! What?!?!? That’s right, vegetarian. Maybe Ruth Ann still has a few things to learn about dinosaurs… Written and illustrated by Robert Neubecker (a […]

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Shelf Lookout: The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

| February 16, 2013

A world famous British chocolate shops lands in the ownership of eleven-year-olds Oz and Lily. Their great uncles were long ago world famous chocolate makers (and they were also clever sorcerers). In an effort to keep their greatest secret recipe out of the hands of evil, Oz, Lily, an invisible cat, a talking rat, and […]

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Shelf Lookout: Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar?

| January 31, 2013

Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? by George Shannon tell the story of how cookies are made. But not just ingredients you can buy at the store – they take us farther back than that. They show how wheat must be planted, and picked before it can be round into flour. They tell […]

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Character on Display: Winnie-the-Pooh

| January 18, 2013

Today is one of my favorite holidays, Winnie-the-Pooh Day! Winnie-the-Pooh Day takes place annually on January 18 in honor of author  A.A. (Allan Alexander) Milne’s birthday. Milne, born in 1882, penned many books for children but is best known for his loveable characters Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Owl, and Rabbit. A teddy bear belonging to […]

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Shelf Lookout: Tea Rex

| January 15, 2013

In honor of January being Tea and Tea Party Month, I’d like to note that Tea Rex, written and illustrated by Molly Idle will be released later this spring. Apparently, a dinosaur makes a guest appearance at a little girl’s tea party. An excitement ensues. At some point, there was a subtitle to this book […]

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Theme of the Month: Tea & Tea Parties!

| January 12, 2013

What better way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month in January than by reading great books about tea and tea parties!  One fun tea party story is Miss Spider’s Tea Party by David Kirk, a charming picture book for children ages 3 to 6. Miss Spider is hosting a tea party, and wants nothing more […]

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Picture Book Review: Creepy Carrots

| January 12, 2013

So, I borrowed Creepy Carrots , by Aaron Reynolds, because it was illustrated by Peter Brown. After the Curious Garden, I’ll pretty much give anything of his a try. He didn’t write the book, he just illustrated it. I love the illustrations. The entire book is drawn with three color tones: Black, White, and Orange. […]

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