4th Grade Editorial: Smile!

| October 28, 2014

Hi, people of the world! Ready for a graphic novel recommendation? I know that you’ll just love it (if you havent already read it of course)! Well, here I go! The book is……………………… Smile by Raina Telgemeier!!! What this totally terrific graphic novel is about: It is about Raina Telgemeier (yes THE Raina Telgemeier) as a kid and […]

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4th Grade Editorial : Lunch Lady!

| September 25, 2014

Hi everyone! I’m back! And I have this awesome graphic novel series that I have been meaning to share with you! The books are by Jarett J. Krosoczka (prounounced crow-sauce-ka)! Can any one take a guess? Aww fine I’ll tell you! I’m talking about the great Lunch Lady of course! Now anyone know what they are about………? What […]

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