Series Review: Dinosaur Cove

| July 21, 2013

When looking for a beginning chapter book to read at bedtime, I first turned to Roald Dahl. Many of Dahl’s shorter books have pictures on nearly every page, which can keep those who are used to picture books fully engaged. Unfortunately, Dahl only has a finite number of books, so I eventually needed to look elsewhere. […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: The Cats in the Doll Shop

| June 17, 2013

The Cats in the Doll Shop is the sequel to The Doll Shop Downstairs. I made a post about that, too, so if you haven’t read the post, you should probably read that now before you move on. So anyways, Anna is the main character in this second book, too. In this book, Anna and […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: The Never Girls #1 – In a Blink

| June 12, 2013

The Never Girls #1: In a Blink is about four girls (Gabby, Mia, Lainey, and Kate) getting accidentally transported to Never Land by a fairy named Prilla. They find themselves in Pixie Hollow, where all the fairies live. By the way, these are the Disney Tinkerbell Fairies – you know the ones. In this book the girls […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: The Doll Shop Downstairs

| June 10, 2013

The Doll Shop Downstairs by Yona Zeldis McDonough is about a girl named Anna. Her family owns a doll repair shop. This book starts before World War I. They get all their materials from Germany, so when World War I starts, they can no longer get the materials they need to repair dolls. They are […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: The Critter Club #3 – Liz Learns a Lesson

| May 30, 2013

This book is GREA-EAT! Liz Learns a Lesson is in the same series as Amy and the Missing Puppy and All About Ellie. They’re all written by ‘Callie Barkley.’ By the way, I made a post about both of those books so check them out first if you haven’t already read them. In this book, […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: Goofballs #4 – The Mysterious Talent Show Mystery

| April 20, 2013

This book is a humorous and mystery-solving adventure. If you would like to hear about it, keep reading along. Well, if you want to know some basic things about the book, the characters are Mara (the queen of disguises), Kelly (she has puffy yellow hair), Brian (king of inventions), and Jeff (clue writer) – four kids getting […]

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Shelf Lookout: Magic Tree House #50 – Hurry Up, Houdini!

| April 18, 2013

Let us begin by congratulating author Mary Pope Osborne and illustrator Sal Murdocca on their 50th Magic Tree House novel (this obviously doesn’t include the many non-fiction companion books that often accompany Magic Tree House releases). That’s a big number! Hooray for you, and thank you from one of your (many, many, many) families of readers. […]

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Shelf Lookout: The Fairy Bell Sisters #1 – Sylvia and the Fairy Ball

| March 12, 2013

Normally, I might overlook a series like this, with so many series about princesses, fairies, unicorns, fairy-princess-unicorns, and so forth. However, when you throw in Julia Denos’ illustrations, you’ve hooked me. After Just Being Audrey and Dotty, among many others, I couldn’t slide past this in the catalog without at least mentioning it. The Fairy […]

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Shelf Lookout: The Critter Club #3 – Liz Learns a Lesson

| February 28, 2013

The third installment of The Critter Club series by Callie Barkley comes out just about a month before summer vacation. In this episode (entitled Liz Learns a Lesson), Liz has to miss out on all her summer vacation plans (sleeping in, art class, pet-sitting, critter clubbing, etc.) because she’s got to go to summer school to make up […]

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2nd Grade Editorial: Lulu and the Brontosaurus

| February 25, 2013

In Lulu and the Brontosaurus, Lulu is a very spoiled girl. She has everything she has ever wanted. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she kicks and screams until her parents give it to her. One day, Lulu asks for a Brontosaurus for her birthday and her parents say no. And no matter what […]

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