The Kicks #2 - Sabotage SeasonAlex Morgan has returned with another glorious book of The Kicks! This one is called Sabotage Season, the second book in this super-spectaculous series.

Now I bet that all of you want to know what this book is about. Be patient. I just want to tell you that I really like this book alot. Sorry! Back to the post now!

What this book is about: This book is about a girl named Devin (the same Devin from The Kicks #1- Saving the Team). The Kicks are doing better and if they keep winning they may get a spot in the playoffs! There is only one problem……. The Kicks are being sabotaged!!

This book is really well written and I think that Alex Morgan should definetly keep writing. If she can keep up with the good work!

I would definatley recommend this book to kids who like sports and realistic fiction. But it so good that I can reccommmend it to anyone who is willing to read it.

Read this book and enjoy it!

Write to you later, everyone!

Greek Girl