The Kicks #1 - Saving the TeamHello everyone! The great Greek Girl is back! I am sorry that I haven’t been writing any posts for a while. But today is going to make up for all that time without writing. Because today’s post is about a series that I really like. It is called (drum roll, please) The Kicks! By Alex Morgan! Yes! THE Alex Morgan – the soccer star.

Well now it is time to get down to business! I bet you are wondering “Why does Greek Girl like this series so much?” or “What is the first book, Saving the Team, even about?” Well now, all of you wonderers out there, it is time for me to answer those questions!

Why Greek Girl liked the series so much: I liked the series because it was well written and I just couldn’t put them down. Sometimes I would stay up past my bedtime to read them (don’t tell my parents).

What the first book is about: This book is about a girl named Devin who has just moved to California. She makes new friends and when she finds out how horrible the soccer team is she does everything that she can to help the Kentville Kangaroos (nicknamed the Kicks!) win a game!

I would recommend this book to kids who like sports and realistic fiction. Even though these genres aren’t my favorites, I still very much enjoyed the book. So confirming that, I would practically recommend it to anyone!

Read this book and enjoy it!

Write to you later, everyone!

Greek Girl