The Dirty DiaryHi everyone! I have a new post to share with you today. It is about a great book called The Dirt Diary. It was written by Anna Staniszewski. The same Anna who wrote the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series. By the way I have met her multiple times and she is very nice. So if you haven’t read her books I suggest you read them now because they are terrific! Whoops! Back to the post now!

What this book is about: this book is about a girl named Rachel. She loves to bake. Her dad has recently moved away and she wants to visit him so she secretly buys a plane ticket using money her Mom was saving for her to go to college. In this book Rachel helps her mom with her Mom’s cleaning business to make money. She ends up cleaning some kids’ houses from her school and discovers many dirty secrets.

I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction and baking. By the way there is a second book in this series (The Prank List) and the third is coming out soon (The Gossip File)!

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Read this book and enjoy it!

Write to you later, everyone!

Greek Girl