LS1I have recently come across a series called Lucky Stars. My friend let me borrow all the books in the series and they are really good. That’s why I’m writing this post, right?

What this series is about: This series is about a girl named Cassie. On her seventh birthday she gets taken into the sky and Stella Starkeeper tells her that she is to become a lucky star! Lucky stars make wishes come true! All she has to do is get seven charms for her bracelet by making wishes come true! Each charm has a special power. They help her to grant wishes!

There are six books in this series. They are:

  • Lucky Stars #1 Wish Upon a Friend
  • Lucky Stars #2 Wish Upon a Pet
  • Lucky Stars #3 Wish Upon a Song
  • Lucky Stars #4 Wish Upon a Party
  • Lucky Stars #5 Wish Upon a Superstar … and finally
  • Lucky Stars #6 Wish Upon a Gift

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I would recommend this book to kids who like wishes and fantasy.

Read this book and enjoy it!

Write to you later, everyone!

Greek Girl