Row, Row, Row Your BoatThis delightful book starts off with the words to the well-known song. A boy, a girl, and a stuffed rabbit start by merrily rowing down the stream. From there they set off to an island, having lots of adventures with jungle animals. After coming face to face with a lion, they run back to their boat before the lion “has us for his tea.” (Pippa Goodheart is a British author, so the reference to tea is appropriate!) Row Row Row Your Boat ends with the boy, girl, and stuffed rabbit again merrily rowing down the stream and wondering “was it just a dream?”

Goodheart’s adaptation of the song is playful and fun, matched perfectly by Stephen Lambert’s sweet, childlike illustrations. Singable books are a great way to teach rhythm and rhyme, and this book is a shining example. Children will enjoy hearing one of their favorite songs presented in a fresh, new way, and want to join this imaginative boat ride.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


the Singing Librarian