Down by the StationWhat better books for the Singing Librarian to review than singable picture books? A great picture book to sing is Down by the Station, written by Jennifer Riggs Vetter and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz. The book begins with the traditional children’s song of the same title and adds verses about other modes of transportation, such as school buses, excavators, sailboats, and fire engines.

Here’s an example of a fun verse to sing. If you know the tune, sing along!

Down by racetrack, early in the morning
See the speedy race cars all in a row
See the fearless driver revving up the engine
Rrrm rrrm zoom zoom! Off we go!

Down by the Station works particularly well as a read-aloud (or sing-aloud!) for toddlers and preschoolers. We’ve sung it at story time and it’s always a hit. The children love making the noises for each vehicle and the bright, cheerful illustrations that accompany each rhyme. This book is worth adding to a preschool or home library, and a great gift for a young transportation fan. Children will want to revisit it over and over again!

Until next time, Happy Reading!


the Singing Librarian