Toys in SpaceMini Grey, who has won a bazillion awards (most, but not all, in her home country of the UK) is set to release her new picture book Toys in Space later this spring. In this sci-fi toy adventure, a group of dolls, robots, dinosaurs, and others are left outside to gaze at the sky one star-filled night. Before they know it, they’re flying in a spaceship, meeting aliens, and making friends across the universe. What little boy wouldn’t love a book about toys, robots, dinosaurs, and aliens. Throw in a doll and a pink horse/pony to invite the ladies. Plus, if the cover is any indication, there is a little baby sheep involved, and we all know that anything British involving sheep (Shaun the Sheep, Russell the Sheep, When Sheep Cannot Sleep) stands a good chance of entertaining the lot. Cheers!

Toys in Space will be released on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


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