Percy Jackson & The Olympians - The Sea of Monsters (Graphic Novel)The five book series may be complete, but Percy Jackson and the Olympians have a lot of life left. While the first adaptation into graphic novel format (The Lightning Thief) was released almost three years ago (late 2010), it appears the rest of the series is getting the comic treatment. The Sea of Monsters is set to be released this summer (and book #3 The Titan’s Curse has an October release date). If you’re between the ages of 7 and 63 and haven’t read the original sacred manuscript by Rick Riordan, I highly recommend you pick up a copy. Most likely three people on your block own one (and your local library has at least 12).

Percy Jackson & the Olympians (#2):
The Sea of Monsters
(Graphic Novel)

arrives on shelves
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

If you have read the series in it’s text-only incarnation, the adaptation of The Lightning Thief was a highly enjoyable, well cast and crafted version. The Sea of Monsters was adapted and illustrated (although not colored) by the same crew, so expect another polished adventure from this team of experts. And it’s just in time to review before the theatrical release on August 7th (I just read it got bumped up 9 days)!


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.