Octopus AloneIn her second picture book, author/illustrator Divya Srinivasan takes us to the undersea reef of Octopus Alone. This illustrative tale of Octopus traveling from her busy reef to a cozy quiet cave, then back again is more about the pictoral descriptions of undersea life than anything. For some time now, Mama Funk has been sensing an upward trend for octopi. After the (lengthy) penguin craze in the middle of the last decade, we were hit by owl mania a few years back. Srinivasan took full advantage of the public’s owl preoccupation with the release her first book Little Owl’s Night, which similarly drew us into the nighttime world of Little Owl.

Octopus Alone
arrives on shelves
Thursday, May 16th, 2013

I’m not quite sure if Mama Funk’s predicted fox fever ever hit (if it did, it came and went quickly with a low peak), but she’s usually way ahead of the curve with this stuff. So be on the lookout for this masterfully drawn piece of children’s literature in the coming weeks and months, and probably many more octopus books (and toys and cartoons and documentaries, etc.) to follow.


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