ElecopterToday’s picture book is strictly for toddlers – toddlers of all ages, that is. I was first struck by the cleverly fun-ness of the title, but upon closer inspection, the artwork from author/illustrator Michael Slack is nostalgically reminiscent of the little golden books from my (and probably everyone’s) childhood. In Elecopter, a little lady elephant/helicopter (oh, I get it now) travels around the jungle helping all the other animals with her many talents, flying to a bouncy rhythm and quick-paced text. Should be a fun safari for all (lifelong) pre-schoolers.

arrives on shelves
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

I haven’t read Slack’s Monkey Truck, but lots of people who type things on the internet seem to have good things to say about it, so I’m requesting it from my library right now (well, not right now, I’m typing a post, but when I finish typing, I’ll request it). Sometimes when I’m driving around with my many many many kids, I feel like I’m in a monkey truck, though.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.