Sisters Grimm #1 - The Fairy-tale DetectivesMichael Buckley’s series, The Sisters Grimm, as you can pretty much tell from the title, is about pair of sisters who descend from original tale-telling Grimm Brothers (they descend from Wilhelm, actually). Sabrina (12) and Daphne (7) are orphaned in New York City when their parents disappear, and after a year in various foster homes, their estranged grandmother appears to bring them to her home in Ferryport Landing in upstate New York.

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Sisters Grimm #2 - The Unusual SuspectsAs Sabrina and Daphne quickly discover, all fairy tales are real, and not just the ones the Grimms told, but also those of Hans Christen Anderson, L. Frank Baum, and many others. All of the fairy tale characters are not only still alive and residing in the town of Ferryport Landing, but they are trapped inside the town’s limits by a magic spell (why are they in the United States, you ask? don’t worry, it’ll be explained when you read the book).


Sisters Grimm #3 - The Problem ChildAlong with Granny Relda, Mr. Canis (the Big Bad Wolf), Puck (of A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and many other fairy tale personalities, the Sisters Grimm, work their way through adventure after adventure, while trying to find and save their parents, and also save the town and all its fairy tale inhabitants.


Sisters Grimm #4 - Once Upon a CrimeThis series was a big winner. At 9 books, it is definitively complete. It was a bit slow at the beginning of the first book, but once we got through the first 100 pages of world building, it was great. There is perilous adventure, lots of humor (mostly courtesy of Puck), and what kid (or adult) hasn’t dreamed of living in a village full of storybook characters come to life.



Sisters Grimm #5 - Magic and Other Misdemeanors Sisters Grimm #6 - Tales from the Hood











A couple prerequisites, you might want to know:Sisters Grimm #7 - The Everafter War

  • It is assumed you’ve read many of the stories and fables from which the characters descend, and if you haven’t, now’s your chance to brush up.
  • The chapters in each book are very long and dense. Each chapter is about 30 dense pages (or longer). As far as bedtime reading goes, you might not be able to get through an entire chapter in one evening.
  • *** Parental Spoiler Alert *** Several characters do die toward the end of the series, and not just bad guys. SSisters Grimm #8 - The Inside Storyome rather prominent and sympathetic characters don’t make it. It’s not overly violent, but still might be upsetting to the younger crowd.
  • Once you get to book 5 or 6, you’re likely to want to keep reading until you’ve finished the whole series.



The Sisters Grimm Book ListSisters Grimm #9 - The Council of Mirrors

  1. The Fairy-tale Detectives
  2. The Unusual Suspects
  3. The Problem Child
  4. Once Upon a Crime
  5. Magic and Other Misdemeanors
  6. Tales from the Hood
  7. The Everafter War
  8. The Inside Story
  9. The Council of Mirrors


A Note about The Sisters Grimm: A Very Grimm Guide, is a funny companion book to the The Sisters Grimm - A Very Grimm Guideseries. It was written by Puck (with his notes scribbled in throughout). However, do not, I repeat, DO NOT read A Very Grimm Guide until you have finished Book #8, The Inside Story. There is very critical spoiler information in the guide you do not find out until the end of Book 7, plus there is even some more information you don’t find out until the middle of Book #8. You have been warned.



Book Informaton:

  • Reading Level: Grade 4-5
  • Interest: Age 7-12
  • Pages: ~300 per book
  • Pictures: One per chapter (or 10-12 per book)
  • Main Characters: 12-year-old girl, along with her 7-year-old sister and an immortal 12-year-old fairy boy (Puck)
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Fairy-Tale, Mystery, Suspense, Humor, Fiction