Book PileLittle Free Libraries, an idea conceived in Hudson, Wisconsin in 2009, but has now grown into a worldwide phenomenon (and a non-profit organization promoting books and reading). Perhaps you’ve seen or used one. Maybe you’ve even built and currently house one. The idea is that you take a weather-proofed box of some sort (bird house, doll house, etc.), place it outside (your house, your shop) and fill it with books. Passersby are encouraged take a book, and leave one of their own. Period. No fees. No Due Dates. No cards. Just free reading.

The concept originated in 2009, when Todd Bol placed a box of books in his front yard. Bol attributes the inspiration to his mother, a book lover who had died a few years earlier. Rich Brooks, a youth and community development instructor in Wisconsin, loved the idea, and teamed with Bol to put more ‘little free libraries’ around in more public places (near bike paths, etc.). Thousands of people noticed started using them. Not surprisingly, people began wanting their own Little Free Libraries.

Today, there are more than 3,000 Little Free Libraries around the world (that Bol & Brooks know of). They have started their own non-profit organization (Little Free Library) where you can get information regarding ordering a Little Free Library or instructions detailing how to build one yourself. The organization’s mission includes promoting literacy and the love of reading, building a sense of community, and finally building more than 2,510 libraries around the world (more than Andrew Carnegie built) – and then more.

Here are a few links to articles about the world of little free libraries:

So, what’s your Little Free Library going to look like? I’ll post mine as soon as it’s built.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.