Take Care, Good KnightI sent my minions (read: children) through the stacks to find a book to take home, and they brought me Take Care, Good Knight, by Shelley Moore Thomas with pictures by Paul Meisel. For a first crack at this, it turned out pretty well.

Take Care, Good Knight is rated Check It Out!

When three little dragons are asked by a local wizard to watch his cats while he is out of town, they quickly agree. Along with the cats, the wizard leaves a note for the dragons with instructions on how to care for the cats, along with little pictures, but unfortunately, the dragons do not know how to read. They end up misinterpreting the pictures (they take the cats swimming rather than give them fresh water, etc.) and hilarity ensues. Eventually the Good Knight comes to help.

It turns out that this book is the fourth in a series about the Good Knight and the three little dragons by Thomas (as of this posting, there are now 6 books in the series). The first of these, Good Night, Good Knight, was actually published as an easy reader style book, but has since been re-released in hardcover format.

Overall, this was a pretty solid grab by the minions (I wouldn’t have written nearly as much had it not been).