Jangles - A Big Fish StoryWritten (and, of course, illustrated) by OtLS favorite, David Shannon, Jangles: A Big Fish Story tells the story of the legendary fish that no one’s been able to catch. First, the narrator explains the historic lore of Jangles, then how Jangles got his name (his mouth is pierced with innumerable hooks and he makes a jangling sound when he is near). The narrator proceeds to tell how his father, as a boy, once hooked Jangles, and was dragged on an undersea adventure with the big fish. The real magic of this book, is that the main subject is a big fish, who is depicted on nearly every page.  Yet he is not a cartoony, smiling, anthropomorphic fish; Jangles looks real (perfectly captured in the fabulous oil paintings).

Jangles: A Big Fish Story is rated Renew It Again & Again!

Pretty much everything David Shannon’s written is worth checking out and reading at least once or twice. And this is one of his better books. It’s more heartfelt than humorous, if you’re used to some of David Shannon’s books for the younger crowd (No, David or Alice the Fairy). It’s realistic, yet magical, and it comes close to giving me chills. I’m not into fish, fishing, boating, or anything aquatic remotely aquatic, and I sincerely enjoyed Jangles: A Big Fish Story. If you are a fan of fishing, this would be a terrific book for you and your children (or just you, the adult).

Although the cover is dark, and the subject looks cranky, this book isn’t the least bit violent or scary. It’s really just a heartwarming tale of a legendary fish.