Creepy CarrotsSo, I borrowed Creepy Carrots , by Aaron Reynolds, because it was illustrated by Peter Brown. After the Curious Garden, I’ll pretty much give anything of his a try. He didn’t write the book, he just illustrated it. I love the illustrations. The entire book is drawn with three color tones: Black, White, and Orange. The art was the best part. In the story, a young rabbit (Jasper) eats carrots from this one field, and one day, he starts to notice carrots following him. Or so he thinks. Every time he turns, the carrots are gone. He eventually solves his problem as often happens in picture books – but I have to say, none of the (two) children to whom I read this book understood the twist on the last page. Not only did they not think it particularly funny, they just didn’t get it.

Creepy Carrots is rated Check It Out!

But again, Peter Brown’s art is awesome. I love the black curved border of the illustrated boxes (similar to his work on the Lucille Beatrice Bear series). It is kind of cool to make a ‘horror-style’ scary story kids book centering on a main character with semi-delusional paranoia. It wasn’t really all that scary for the kids, but it give me a chuckle as I got that joke at least. As it’s one of the primary goals of Off the Library Shelf to identify books that are entertaining to adults as well as children, this book is definitely worth trying. I’m just not sure it all that entertaining to either kids or adults.

What it really boils down to, however, is that it’s hard enough to get some kids to eat vegetables – I’m not sure I see the need to villify one…