Boy + BotThis is a book for both child and adult robots alike. I had heard about it over the last few weeks during award season, and when I finally got the chance to read Boy + Bot beside my own little bot offspring, we both loved it. After meeting in the woods, a boy (Boy) and a robot (Bot) become quick friends. When Bot’s power switch is flipped off, Boy worries and takes him home to try waking him up. Eventually, without success, Boy goes to bed. When Boy’s parents check on him, they accidentally (and without noticing) flip on Bot’s power switch. Bot, now awake, finds Boy asleep and worries. Bot proceeds to take Boy home (to Bot’s home, that is) to try his own robot way of waking Boy up (all ends well, don’t worry).

Boy + Bot is rated Buy It!

Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman is a sweet story about friendship, and it’s very fun to read. It’s extraordinarily humorous in unexpected and creative ways. My little bot’s eyes were wide with excitement the entire reading, and he asked to read it again right after we finished (of course I said “no” and immediately check his memory chip for malfunctions). We especially liked when Bot was trying to wake Boy up.

And I have yet to mention Dan Yaccarino’s splendid illustrations. With modern and sleek design, I found myself lingering longer than usual on the deep scenery before turning each page.

As this was Dyckman’s first published children’s picture book, I say congratulations! I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. See the book trailer below … or better yet, just go get the book.

Update: See author’s response below.