When a Dragon Moves InNot to be confused with A Dragon Moves In by Lisa Falkenstern (which happens to have been released precisely six months to the day after When a Dragon Moves In was released back in 2011), When a Dragon Moves In is a colorful fantasy about a little boy having a fun day at the beach … when a friendly dragon moves in to his sand castle. This dragon (is it imaginary? is it real?) is a great friend to the little boy, but also wreaks havoc on his parents and older sister – comically eating all the food, spraying sand everywhere, and more. This book is perfect for little boys who like dragons (which is precisely 77% of little boys).

When a Dragon Moves In
is rated
Renew It Again & Again!

Older sisters are likely to be offended by this book (I write this from a personal family experience … but I will not divulge which older sister I’m talking about).

As the weather improves and thoughts of beaches come to mind, this is a perfect treat (with a 77% likelihood) for your little boy.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.