The Purple KangarooThe Purple Kangaroo isn’t about a purple kangaroo. No, it’s true. This book is about a monkey who reads minds. Still don’t believe me? Welcome to the mind of author Michael Ian Black (Chicken Cheeks). Illustrated by recent Caldecott Honoree, Peter Brown (The Curious Garden, Creepy Carrots, and lots of other awesomeness), this is a book I was forced to read many multiple times to my many multiple children. Sometimes, this can be a very bad thing (I’m looking at you,  [redacted]). In the case of a Black text, this isn’t a problem. It’s a pleasure.

The Purple Kangaroo
is rated
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In The Purple Kangaroo, this mind-reading monkey attempts to read the mind of the reader (or listener), and while he may not always be correctly identifying thoughts, his ever-expanding, highly illustrative guess hilariously entertains soon to be giggling children.

And if you haven’t read all of Black or Brown’s work, you might want to head to the ‘B’ section of your local library and start emptying the shelves.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.