The Night PiratesWith smooth rhythmical prose, author Peter Harris carefully constructed a fun pirate book that’s perfect for both boys and girls. In The Night Pirates, nice little boy Tom watches a band of girl pirates arrive in the middle of the night and steal the front of his house (don’t worry, it’s all in fun). After being accepted as a member of the crew, Tom sails with the girl pirates to the island of Captain Patch (a rough, tough, grown-up pirate). Tom and the girl pirates steal treasure from Captain Patch and his bumbling crew before returning home from this wonderful night adventure.

The Night Pirates
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The Night Pirates is a lyrical, poetic book, and while it isn’t a traditional rhyming picture book, it’s got hints of rhyme throughout. Deborah Allwright’s textured cartoonish illustrations in a dark blue world of night are a perfect complement to this soothing environment. The rhythm calms to a perfect diminuendo that eases my dozens of dozens of dozens of children to sleep. Even the layout of the page is non-traditional as the text bounces back and forth rhythmically, somewhat reminiscent of a Lauren Child story.

My heart-rate is slowing just thinking about going down … down … down to my bed … good night …


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.