The MonstoreFrom debut picture book author extraordinaire Tara Lazar comes The Monstore. In an effort to rid himself of his annoying little sister, Zack purchases a monster (from The Monstore, of course) to scare her. When the first monster doesn’t appear to work, Zack heads back to The Monstore to return the ineffective beast. To his dismay, returns and exchanges are not allowed. So obviously Zack ends up coming home with not only the original, but a second monster. The cycle continues until this book reaches a humorous and satisfying conclusion with sibling love and a whole house bursting with exciting (and clearly not scary) monsters.

The Monstore
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The Monstore is a book that my many many children have asked me to read again and again (and again) – sometimes before I even turn to the last page (a request which I happily accommodate). James Burks’ illustrations are vividly colorful and a perfect addition to the Lazar’s polished text. Expect many more books from Lazar as this is simply the dawn of what is likely to become an enduring career entertaining children (and adults).


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.