The LibraryThe fantastic duo of Sarah Stewart and David Small (wife and husband) have created a total of six books together to date. The first of these six was The Library, published in the mid ’90s. Elizabeth Brown likes books. All she does is read. And accumulate books. And read some more. She piles books in every room until there’s scarcely room to breathe. Eventually, Elizabeth Brown comes up with a plan, which I won’t give away, but … The Library (ahem) is really a terrific book.

The Library
is rated
Buy Two!
(One for you and one for a friend)

The rest of the Funk clan are huge fans of both this book as well as The Gardener, but don’t sleep on the rest of Sarah Stewart’s writing. Don’t be surprised to see her come up again in future Off the Library Shelf posts. And David Small has won more honors that most illustrators would ever wish for.

There is no reason that every English speaking family in the world shouldn’t own a copy of this book. Yes, it’s that good.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.