Stand Tall, Molly Lou MelonStand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, by Patty Lovell will give anyone the confidence to be proud of who they are. Molly Lou Melon, is short, bucktoothed, and sounds funny, but her grandmother always told her to believe in herself and be proud of herself, so that’s what she does. When she moves to a new home and starts at a new school, Ronald Durkin, the local bully, makes fun of each of Molly Lou Melon’s unique features. Molly Lou Melon, however, stays positive and proves Ronald wrong at every turn. 

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This is a cute story, but David Catrow’s adorably cartoonish watercolors magnificently compliment the text. Molly Lou Melon looks like (and is the size of) an oversize bug (a happy bug, mind you). She almost looks like she stepped right out of Whoville, but the world around her is, if possible, even brighter (to me, indicating her perception of the world).

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon is short and sugary with a terrific message. It’s great outloud reading for both the child and the adult. I find it fun to just say her name: “Molly Lou Melon” (as you can see, I never shortened it once to Molly or Molly Lou or MLM in this post). Molly Lou Melon is constantly upbeat, and a great role model for any child.

Originally published in 2001, Lovell & Catrow gifted us a sequel in 2012 (Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon).