SomedaySomeday is a truly inspiring book. It is about a little girl who has grand plans for her life, but is still a little girl . Every other two page spread parallels what this little girl dreams she will do ‘someday’ in the future, paired with what she is currently doing and able to do as a child. Whereas the cover pictures a girl and her kitten staring up at the clouds and imagining, Someday shows that greatness in the future isn’t just imaginary.

Someday is rated Buy Two! (One for You, One for a Friend)

Rosie Winstead’s illustrations are sweet and affectionate, perfectly characterizing the little girl at every age of her future life. Written by Eileen Spinelli, an author with a penchant for writing moving and emotional stories, Someday makes you feel great about the possibilities of growing up. But most importantly, it leaves you glad that it’s right now.

Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.