Shark vs. TrainDive into a child’s imagination! Or maybe steamroll in! No matter how you get to Shark vs. Train, you’ll come out wanting to play with toys.  Written by Chris Barton and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, this picture book pits a shark against a train in competition after competition. Every time shark wins one, train wins the next. And it goes on for page after hilarious page! From playing basketball to trick-or-treating to matches of chess, it’s  a pretty unique concept. And it’s executed incredibly well.

Shark vs. Train
is rated
Renew It Again & Again!

Lichtenheld’s illustrations capture the two characters’ emotions flawlessly, and Barton’s humor is first-rate. For every child with a room full of toys that she or he doesn’t know what to do with, this game should give him or her some great ideas (I’m looking at you, children 6 through 17).


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.