Senorita GorditaIf there’s one thing this world needs, it’s more children’s books about anthropomorphic food (who’s with me?)! And if it’s Mexican food, all the better. In Señorita Gordita, Helen Ketteman tells the story of a freshly cooked gordita who attempts to outrun a variety desert creatures, but she’s also sneakily teaching us Spanish all the while. The fast-paced text is full of excitement, as well as vivid desert landscapes and emotionally-charged characters as drawn by illustrator Will Terry. I’m getting both hungry (for a gordita) and thirsty (from the desert) as I write this. Come to think about it, I’m getting hungry for dessert, too, since I first typed dessert instead of desert. Is there such a thing as a chocolate gordita?

Señorita Gordita
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In case you were unaware, a gordita (pronounced gȯr-ˈdē-tə) is a deep-fried pocket of cornmeal dough filled with a savory mixture (usually cheese, meat, or vegetables). The strict spanish translation of the word, however, means fat little girl. I’ve been told (by one of my many many children) that this story is similar to the story of the gingerbread man. But I’ve never heard of that story, so I’m going to assume that Señorita Gordita came first. Now I’m really hungry. Gingerbread gordita anyone?


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