Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy RoomThe cookies are gonna burn in the oven if Ruth doesn’t find her mom’s pot-holder in the next ten minutes! Ruth’s room is messy (really messy (really really messy (really really really messy))) and she’s easily distracted, but she’s got a great attitude as she searches through her room for 10 minutes! With a timer counting down in the corner of every spread and an adorable kitten side-kick, this story written by Carol Gordon Ekster and illustrated by Kimberly Soderberg should help parents teach their children skills of organization, time-management, self-motivation, and focus.

For any child (or adult) with a messy room, remember – if you don’t stay organized, your cookies will burn! And who wants burnt cookies? Plus, if you clean up every once in a while, you may even find other goodies (like a crochet hook in dinosaur world or a baseball glove in stinky sock mountain).

Additionally, this book contains both a Parent’s Guide to Growing Organized Kids as well as a Timing Game to help kids work on cleaning their rooms.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.