Russell the SheepRob Scotton’s Russell the Sheep was one of the first books I read over and over with my first-born baby. This was before any sequels (such as Russell the Sheep and the Lost Treasure) or any of the Splat the Cat books. Russell, the sheep is having trouble falling asleep. After trying every trick in the book (literally), he decides upon counting sheep, which eventually works. The book is simple, the drawings crisp, and it’s rather humorous for the 5 and under crowd.

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For those looking for a somewhat non-traditional counting sheep book, this is the one. The crisp illustrations, sometimes slightly raised off the page and textured, add one more facet to a book that’s already perfect bedtime reading for a new generation of sleepers. It’s fun to search for Russell’s frog friend, Frankie, on each page (fun for the kids, I mean). Between Russell the Sheep and the hilarious British stop-motion television show Shaun the Sheep, everyone in the family (kids and adults) are big fans of all sheep from the UK (Scotton also hails from England).

This book is also available in board book format, and it appears not to be abridged in any way (as some board books are). I highly recommend the board book version as it’s perfect for the book biter age. 

See how Russell the Sheep was born… according to Rob Scotton.