MousetronautMousetronaut claims to be a partially true story. But I don’t believe a word of this fictional account. Everyone knows that if mice trained to be astronauts, and one of those mice was chosen to go on a flight into outer-space, and a catastrophe were to happen on the ship mid-mission, and the only creature small enough to fix the problem was a mouse, and that mouse were to fix the problem and save the ship (and possibly the world), and the ship were to return to Earth … then they definitely would have written a children’s book about it. And since no such children’s book exists, none of this could have- Oh, wait. They did write a children’s book about it: Mousetronaut. Okay, I take back that entire first ranting paragraph.

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Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story, written by real-life space-traveling Astronaut Mark Kelly, is a really fun book that any kid who ever dreamed of traveling to space will appreciate. As the smallest among us saves day, any human child can associate. I’ve read this to my plethora of little ones many a time.

And look! Mousetronaut Goes to Mars is due this fall (that one is definitely not a true story as everyone knows mice are afraid of the color red).



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