Monster Needs a CostumeRemember Fancy Nancy? Remember how it started with some hardcover picture books, then branched out to easy readers, sticker books, coloring books, and a series of chapter book mysteries? Do you remembering walking through Target and staring in amazement at an entire row filled with Fancy Nancy toys, dolls, games, and all sorts of other paraphernalia? Of course you do – because it was last weekend. Well, Nancy, prepare yourself for a more testosterone-filled compliment. Monster has arrived.

In Monster Needs a Costume, Monster needs a costume. It’s Halloween, and a little boy’s Monster doesn’t know what to be. I experience the exact same dilemma every October. Fortunately for Monster, he has the help of author Paul Czajak. Czajak combines poetic rhythm, masterful rhyme, and a humorous story along with illustrator Wendy Grieb’s gorgeous drawings that give Monster the perfect emotional touch.

Congrats to these two (this is the debut picture book for both the author and illustrator). Rumor has it that Czajak and Grieb have at least 3 more books in the Monster & Me series scheduled to arrive on shelves over the next year or two (and hopefully many more after that) – see Monster Needs His Sleep in April, 2014. But don’t think that Monster & Me is just for boys. I know from experience that girls are likely to enjoy the series as much as anyone.

So make room at the end of the C shelf and clear out some space at Target. ‘Cause Monster’s gonna need his own aisle!

Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.