MadlenkaI love books with creative, especially non-linear, layouts and multiple layers and Peter Sis’s Madlenka is an innovative showpiece like little else. The plot (Madlenka has a loose tooth and must tell everyone she knows) is tertiary to both the layout & design, as well as Madlenka’s cultural foray throughout her New York City block. Madlenka visits a Parisian Patisserie, an Indian newspaper stand, an Italian gelato truck, a German story-teller, a Latin American florist, an Egyptian school friend, and an Asian shopkeeper.

Madlenka is rated Renew It Again & Again!

Exciting features fill the book that only enhance the loose tooth narrative:

  • Each page is littered with details (words and pictures) related to the global location.
  • 3-dimensional buildings have been flattened in an abstract manner
  • Cut-out holes in the page add to the imaginary cross-continent journey going through little Madlenka’s mind

The multi-tiered picture book may go over some of the little kids heads, but as I’m always trying to find books that will also entertain adults, in this case, Sis has outdone himself. Sis has two sequels (Madlenka Soccer Star and Madlenka’s Dog) in similar layout design (albeit, no longer as much of a novelty after the first), but worth looking into if you find yourself a fan of the original.

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