Leonardo, the Terrible MonsterWhat can I say about Mo Willems? He’s pretty much my idol. I believe that 20 years from now, the name Mo Willems will be spoken of alongside Dr. Seuss and … well, I can’t really think of anyone else to compare. To me, pretty much everything he’s done is solid to awesome (some might even say classic), and he’s slowly building a catalog of eclectic children’s books for all ages and purposes. You’ve probably heard of, already read, or possibly even own the Knuffle Bunny Trilogy (pronounced with a non-silent hard ‘K’ sound), the Pigeon, Elephant & Piggie, or any number of his other books.

 Leonardo, the Terrible Monster is rated Renew It Again & Again!

One book of his that my family has always enjoyed, is Leonardo, the Terrible Monster (published in 2005). It’s a short and sweet five-minute read about a monster who is no good at scaring anyone.  Eventually he finds a child to scare, and (here comes the moral) he decides he’d rather make a friend. The drawings are humorous, and it’s super fun to read, especially when Sam bursts into his monologue of troubles.

To top it off, I’ve also checked out the audio book, read by Willems himself, and he does a splendid job entertaining the kids.