Kids Go!Although many consider them the greatest rock & roll band of all time, we can’t ignore the fact that They Might Be Giants have been crooning children’s music since 2002’s release of the classic album No! They followed that up with three even better music and music video combos (Here Come the ABC’s, Here Come the 123’s, and Here Comes Science). Along the way, they released a couple children’s books, one of which I’d like to highlight this week entitled Kids Go! This book includes a DVD with an audio track of the book’s text sung to a video track of Pascal Campion’s illustrations expanded for viewing on the screen. While the video component is nice, the book stands tall on it’s own.

Kids Go! is rated Buy It!

Kids Go! encourages youth to get up and move around (like a monkey or jumping bean). It’s a blast to shout out loud as you read and dance to. Make up your own tune, or use the one supplied by TMBG’s indestructable duo of John Linell and John Flansburgh. Get off the couch and go get this book!

Let’s hope that They Might Be Giants come back with a 5th kids album soon followed by another kids music tour. I can say from experience, hearing Kids Go! sung live is even better than reading it!


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.