Is Your Buffal Ready for KindergartenThe premise of this book is hilarious: of course a buffalo should be allowed in kindergarten. And just like all kindergarteners, things are easier for some kids than others. Holding scissors may be new for your child, but it’s definitely new for a buffalo. And your child might be nervous about kindergarten, but that doesn’t compare with buffalo being nervous because he might be the only one with horns and fur. Author Audrey Vernick walks us through life as a kindergartener in Is Your Buffal Ready for Kindergarten? with such ease that the Everyone’s special in his or her own way line doesn’t feel like it’s being forced down your throat – as it so easily could from someone else’s keyboard.

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?
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Daniel Jennewein’s illustrations allow the reader to immediately connect with Buffalo. The tiny backpack on the giant hump on the cover makes me laugh every time I see this book on my coffee – I mean chocolate milk table.

Not only is the premise of this book hilarious, so is the execution. Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? is the perfect book to prime kids for that first day of school.


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