Good Boy, FergusAhhh, Fergus, the scrappy West Highland Terrier. Based on David Shannon’s actual dog, Fergus had previously appeared in at least 10 of author/illustrator David Shannon’s illustrated books. Finally, he got (in 2006) his own starring role. Good Boy, Fergus! is a collection of all the funny things that might happen to Fergus in any given day. Drawn in David Shannon’s ‘outside the lines’ style, the messy illustrations perfectly convey the life of the little rascal.

Good Boy, Fergus! is rated Renew It Again & Again!

Everything is over-the-top outrageous, yet everything Fergus does is totally believable and in character. Whether he’s jumping on his man for a walk, begging for food, eating the flowers, peeing in all the wrong places, or any other of the many things Fergus does, his man always loves and supports him. Most of the time when his man says “Good boy, Fergus” he’s clearly being sarcastic. But that only makes this book more of a blast to read for the parent and hilarious for the child.

Luckily for Mr. and Mrs. Shannon (David Shannon’s parents), Fergus didn’t arrive until the author became an adult. Could you image No, David with this Fergus? I’m sure it would be rollicking entertainment for everyone (but the parents).

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Whether or not there is a dog in your family, Good Boy, Fergus! is sure to entertain.