Chicken CheeksOf all the picture books my family has given out as gifts, not one has received more feedback, all positive, than Chicken Cheeks, by Michael Ian Black. Black, a veteran of all forms of comedy (stand-up, writing, acting) has put together an exceedingly clever and consistently comical list of names for animal bottoms (see the title). Kevin Hawkes delicately illustrated this 50 word tome with the respect and grace this subject matter undoubtedly deserves.

Chicken Cheeks is rated Buy Two! (One for You, One for a Friend)

In all seriousness, Chicken Cheeks will make young children laugh, and adults chuckle (at least the first five or ten times you read it). The text and illustrations never cross the line of being too gross or graphic, and most kids will be able to memorize the book after hearing it enough times.

The concept is so ingenious, yet also so simple, it may make you want to scratch your kangaroo keister and wonder why you didn’t think of this yourself.