Cat NightsAlthough Cat Nights isn’t explicitly about Halloween, it’s about a 263-year-young witch (named Felicity). Felicity has been counting the days until this milestone birthday because as everyone knows, when a witch turns 263, she is finally allowed to turn herself into a cat. However … a witch may only turn into a cat 8 times in her life … for if she turns into a cat for the 9th time, she will never turn back into a human (er.. witch). While Felicity’s older sisters (Wanda, Willa, and Woo) try to guide Felicity as best they can, Felicity just loves being a cat … and Felicity must make the tough decision of whether or not she wants to remain a witch or a cat.

Cat Nights
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Author Jane Manning does a magnificent job telling a story about internal conflict without a clear cut villain in a story full of witches. Manning, who also illustrates the book, does it in a way that is not spooky/scary/creepy and is perfect for even the youngest of audiences around Halloween time. Anyone who has ever dreamed of living the life of a cat will spark with jealousy over Felicity’s newfound ability. And whether you have or not, it’s easy to associate with the difficult choice Felicity must make – as well as the emotions and actions of Felicity’s well-meaning and loving sisters.

Manning also explains in the backmatter that this is where we get the phrase A Cat Has Nine Lives. Who says adults can’t learn things from a picture book?


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