Bugs in My Hair!As the back cover warns – This book will make you ITCHY! But it will also make you laugh. As a long time fan of David Shannon (both his story telling and his artwork), I didn’t have to search with tweezers to find Bugs in My Hair! (his new book about hair lice). If you’ve had lice, or had children with lice, or even heard of lice, this book is for you. Not only is it hliarious, but it’s incredibly informative – and told in an understandable way won’t scare children. And that’s a lot to pack into a 32 page picture book.

Bugs in My Hair!
is rated
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If you haven’t read or viewed any of Shannon’s previous books, you’re missing out. But Bugs in My Hair! isn’t a bad place to start. Now I’ve go to go take a shower.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.