A Rule Is to Break - A Child's Guide to AnarchyWhat a great find from an independent book store! A Rule Is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy is hilarious and filled with innumerable (only because I haven’t counted them) lessons for children. Beginning with “The opposite of rules is anarchy! There are plenty of ways to make anarchy,” this book doesn’t disappoint. With illustrations reminiscent of Max and his Wild Things (in content, if not necessarily style), the author/illustrator combo of john & jana educate and entertain in ways to which all child authors and illustrators should aspire (or at least I do).

A Rule Is to Break
A Child’s Guide to Anarchy

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Leadership, love, listening, sharing, independent thought, and many other traditional lessons are veiled under an anarchist philosophy. Other less traditional lessons (cake for dinner, no more baths, persistent stomping) are (hopefully?) drizzled in for more of an entertainment factor. And while this book will appeal to the hippie in you, it will also appeal to the child in the bedroom down the hall and your nephew in Cleveland.

Don’t miss this book. Or you might get a hug from an ugly monster (or more likely, you are the ugly monster).


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.