1 Zany ZooA Rhyming and counting book, 1 Zany Zoo is a quick romp through the zoo during the hours just before opening time. When the animals get out of their cages (by stealing the zookeepers keys), a little boy gets to see them giving each other haircuts, playing musical chairs, performing concerts, and all sorts of other wacky activities. Lori Degman’s rhymes bounce through the pages and Colin Jack’s illustrations careen through the pages playfully. This is one picture book I don’t mind reading over and over a couple of times – it’s no wonder it won the Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories New Author contest.

1 Zany Zoo
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Renew It Again & Again!

For animal lovers and lovers of rhyme, 1 Zany Zoo is a splendid choice.


Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.