Picture Book of the Week: Bugs in My Hair!

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Bugs in My Hair!As the back cover warns – This book will make you ITCHY! But it will also make you laugh. As a long time fan of David Shannon (both his story telling and his artwork), I didn’t have to search with tweezers to find Bugs in My Hair! (his new book about hair lice). If you’ve had lice, or had children with lice, or even heard of lice, this book is for you. Not only is it hliarious, but it’s incredibly informative – and told in an understandable way won’t scare children. And that’s a lot to pack into a 32 page picture book.

Bugs in My Hair!
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Picture Book of the Week: The Curious Garden

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The Curious Garden by Peter BrownThe Curious Garden,by Peter Brown is a fantastically drawn book about a boy who, through an interest in a small patch of greenery, causes his entire city to turn green. The message is clear, but not too preachy: Care for the environment and good things will happen.

The Curious Garden is rated Buy Two! (One for You, One for a Friend)

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Picture Book of the Week: Vunce Upon a Time

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Vunce Upon a TimeHow do you write a children’s picture book starring a vampire? Make him vegetarian, of course! Then you get rid of all the gruesome blood-sucking related stigmas and are left with a coffin-sleeping, night-time waking, bat-transforming, garlic-fearing creature who only likes to eat vegetables. And candy…

Vunce Upon a Time is rated Buy It!

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Picture Book of the Week: If I Built a House

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If I Built a HouseI’m quickly becoming a pretty big fan of Chris Van Dusen, and admittedly, I probably haven’t even read half of the books he’s written and/or illustrated. Circus Ship is a classic in some people’s minds, but I have to admit that I think I like the pair of If I Built a … books even better. The first of these, If I Built a Car was released several years back, and the copy I borrowed from the local library is pretty well worn (it’s been borrowed many times before – a good thing). My feeling is that If I Built a House may be even better. Written in spectacular rhyme, with a dash of zaniness, Van Dusen tells the story of a little boy who’s come up with the most extraordinarily original design for both a car and a house respectively.

If I Built a House & If I Built a Car
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Picture Book of the Week: Won Ton – A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

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Won Ton - A Cat Tale Told in  HaikuI first came across this book when it won the 2012-13 Chickadee Award (an award voted on each year by children in the state of Maine). Before reading it I thought, eh, just another cat book … but WOW! This tale of a cat going from shelter to new home and becoming part of a family is wonderfully executed by author Lee Wardlaw. Wardlaw gets into the emotional mind of a cat like few others, displaying powerful feelings that only a cat could know. Eugene Yelchin’s illustrations, as always, prove to understand the inner workings of animals as well as any other. Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku gets the rare ‘books that give me chills’ seal. All this and I have yet to mention that every phrase is written in a 17 syllable haiku!

Won Ton
A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

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