Shelf Lookout: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (New Cover)

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneWhile you may have heard of the Harry Potter series, you may not have heard that the American versions of the book published by Scholastic will be receiving new covers for the upcoming trade paperback editions to be released in September (commemorating the 15th anniversary of the first U.S. publication of the series which was in September of 1998). Scholastic released the first of these new covers (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone illustrated by Kazu Kibushi) this past Wednesday (see the official press release here). Not much else to say, other than, it looks pretty awesome (click here to see Hi-Resolution Version – it’s worth it). According to the press release, “Each of the seven new covers will depict a distinctive and memorable moment from the respective book.”  I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the next six covers.

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Shelf Lookout: Bink & Gollie – Best Friends Forever

| February 14, 2013 1 Comment »

Bink & Gollie: Best Friends ForeverThe third book in the Geisel Award-Winning Bink & Gollie series is to be released later this spring. From the minds of irrepressible authors Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, and the palette of Tony Fucile, comes Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever. Several Early Reader parables are sure to be included in this comical comic-like tome. Bink & Gollie was one of the first books my 18th kid read on her own, one of her proudest moments. We couldn’t get her to return it to the library, so we had to buy it. Looking forward to teaching kid #47 to read with this one…

Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever
will be released on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

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Reference Section: International Book Giving Day

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International Book Giving Day 2013… is today!!! (I knew February 14th was some special day, I just couldn’t remember why – I’ll have to tell Mama Funk how much I love … giving books).

This volunteer initiaitive was created to increase children’s access to (and enthusiasm for) books. Worldwide, on February 14th, people will be giving away book. The International Book Giving Day team encourages you to give books in one of three ways:

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Picture Book Review: I Loathe You

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I Loathe You by David SlonimJust in time for Valentine’s Day, comes I Loathe You, written and illustrated by David Slonim. The concept is clever, it’s written in rhyme, the illustrations are of friendly (looking) monsters, and it’s super humorous, especially to adults. Even if some of the jokes go over the kiddie’s heads, they were still super entertained and appropriately grossed out. Essentially, Big Monster and Little Monster are telling each other how much they love each other, but as monsters, everything is opposite (hence the loathing).

I Loathe You is rated Buy It!

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Reference Section: Reading Rainbow 2.0

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Reading Rainbow 2.0Remember Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton? Well, it was a TV show on PBS that ran for over 23 years between 1983 and 2006. It encouraged reading among children, won numerous (read: hundreds) of awards. You probably have the theme song stuck in your head right now (if not, let me force it on you: “Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high, Take a look, It’s in a book, A reading rainbow…”). Burton has re-teamed with his Reading Rainbow cohorts and is working on a new App integrating books into the digital world. See this great article and interview with Burton from The Digital Shift.

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