Off the Library Shelf’s rating system

is based on a scale of 0-5.

5. Buy Two! (One for You, One for a Friend)

This book is so amazingly spectacular, that everyone should own a copy.

It’s simply not good enough to have a copy of this book yourself, you must share this book’s colossal greatness with everyone you know! 

Buy Two! Picture Books        Buy Two! Chapter Books

4. Buy It!

This book is great. It’s worth owning.

Skip the long wait at the library and just purchase it. 

Buy It! Picture Books        Buy It! Chapter Books

3. Renew It Again & Again!

This book is better than good – you’ll want to keep renewing it.

And once you can’t renew it any more, you may want to check it out again.

Renew It Again & Again! Picture Books

Renew It Again & Again! Chapter Books

2. Check It Out!

This is a good book.

It’s worthy of bringing home with you from the library for at least one or two reads.

Check It Out! Picture Books        Check It Out! Chapter Books

1. Read It at the Library

This book is ok.

This book is not worth owning, nor is it worth checking out of the library and bringing home.

No one would fault you for flipping through it while perusing the stacks, or even reading it through its entirety.

At the end of the day, however, it should always remain in its rightful home: the library shelf.

Read It at the Library Picture Books

Read It at the Library Chapter Books

0. Leave It on the Shelf

This is not a good book. It is not a recommended read.

While it is likely that the author, illustrator, editor, publisher, and many others may have put a good deal of work into the creation of this book, do not read it.

Leave it on the shelf to accrue more dust (and eventually end up in the library’s 25¢ book sale).

Leave It on the Shelf Picture Books

Leave It on the Shelf Chapter Books