Origin of Tell a Fairy Tale DayToday, and every February 26th, is Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I’ve done extensive research in order to determine the origin of this day, and all I’ve come up with are rumors. Some say it was initiated by diabolical greeting card companies long ago in the 1990’s. Others swear that science fiction writers traveled back in time to the year 1984 and brainwashed many of the worlds greatest authors in order to create this day. It was even suggested that the devil himself created this day to confuse children into believing that witches and giants don’t exist.

Considering a day that celebrates creativity has no creative origin, I am taking it upon myself to deliver the unequivocably true origins of this day.

The Origin of Tell a Fairy Tale Day

The first Tell a Fairy Tale Day occurred on February 26, 1800. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were in their early teens. John Adams was president of the United States, and the white house was being erected. Napoleon Bonaparte was preparing to cross the Alps and invade Italy. Francisco Goya was painting Spain’s King Charles the IV and his family. Beethoven was composing left and right. Yeast was introduced to beer-making. But most importantly, Darth Dickens, Charles’ little known uncle, sat alone in a pub, early in the morning.

As if by fairy magic, a short woman with wispy white hair and a patch over one eye silently appeared in the doorway. Uncle Darth, busy concentrating on his playing cards in the corner, looked up and noticed that the entire pub became silent. No movement – other than the wispy-haired woman with the eye patch. She drifted toward Uncle Darth. Perhaps it was the yeast infested beer, but Uncle Darth couldn’t see any feet beneath the wispy-haired woman’s wispy white shawl (oh, she was wearing a wispy white shawl).

The woman spoke in a deep voice, that sounded out-of-place coming from such a frail looking figure. “Uncle Darth, you must travel to the future and tell Papa J Funk the origin of Tell a Fairy Tale Day,” she croaked.

Uncle Darth responded by asking, “Why are you calling me Uncle? I have no nieces or nephews. And who is Papa J Funk? How do I travel to the future? What is Tell a Fairy Tale Day? Why must I do this again? And who are you?”

The woman didn’t speak an answer. She simply magicked the answers into Uncle Darth’s mind. Uncle Darth knew what he had to do.

And now, Uncle Darth is standing next to me forcing me to write this post. He tells me that if I don’t write this post, he will send me back to the year 1800 and I’ll never see my family again.

And that is the very true origin of Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

Borrow. Read. Return. Repeat.