StoryboundStorybound, by Marissa Burt, is about a twelve-year old orphan girl (Una Fairchild) who finds herself pulled into a book, literally. Strangely, she ends up, not just inside the story she was reading, but in the land of Story (capital S) itself. In Story, children are raised as fictional archetypes (hero, villain, damsel-in-distress), and Una soon finds herself teamed up with Peter (a hero-in-training). Una and Peter try to unravel the mystery as to how and why Una has arrived (or been Written In) to the land of Story. The mystery leads them to dig into the history of Story when the Muses had been in charge. All the while, Peter must keep Una’s existence a secret, as the Talekeepers would likely write her out should they discover her existence.

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The plot moves quickly, the world-building is very creative, and this is definitely a book that adults can enjoy just as much as kids. It was pretty cool seeing the kids in class learning to become characters. Plus, there are some enormously shocking twists. When I read this, it was not apparent that it was going to be a series, but as the end of the book neared, it became clear there had to be more book(s) coming. The sequel (Story’s End) is set to be released later this year. It is unclear whether this is simply a sequel, or the beginning of a longer series.

This is bound to be a children’s fantasy best-selling series…

Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade 3-5
  • Interest: Age 7-9, Age 10-12
  • Pages: 403
  • Pictures: None
  • Main Characters: 1 girl, 1 boy (both 12 years old)
  • Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Fairy-Tale, Fiction