The Never Girls #1 - In a BlinkThe Never Girls #1: In a Blink is about four girls (Gabby, Mia, Lainey, and Kate) getting accidentally transported to Never Land by a fairy named Prilla. They find themselves in Pixie Hollow, where all the fairies live. By the way, these are the Disney Tinkerbell Fairies – you know the ones. In this book the girls are trying to get home. Even though they love Pixie Hollow and all the fairies (Prilla and Tinkerbell show them around), they still miss their parents and would like to go. They thought it would be easy to get home. But it’s not. It’s way trickier than they expected! They get into some trouble along the way.

The Never Girls #1
In a Blink

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I thought it was cool how it took place in Pixie Hollow, but with humans. It was a fun adventure. This is the first book in The Never Girls series. The next book is called The Space Between.

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Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade 1-4
  • Interest: Age 6-10
  • Pages: 118
  • Pictures: a couple per chapter
  • Main Characters: three 3rd graders, a little sister, and some fairies
  • Genre: Fantasy, Fiction